๐Ÿ’œ Your Week As Told By BTS ๐Ÿ’œ

What a weird week! But let's make things a little stranger and explore your week as told by the legends, the icons, the absolute giants that are BTS.ย 

Keep reading because things are about to get a little too real!ย 


You wake up and you realise itโ€™s a Bank Holiday Monday!


You have to go back to work.ย 

And literally, no one has any idea what day it is!ย Jungkook is exactly us.ย 


Still trying to recover from the bank holiday weekend and contemplating all your decision up until this point.ย 


Is it really only Thursday and not Friday?ย 


Friday has finally arrived! J-Hopeย reaction is about right.ย 

Straight out the door and waving at all my coworkers like ย -


Wakingย up and realising it's Saturday! Things could get emotional.ย 

Getting ready for all the Saturday shenanigans.ย 


Having a few too many bevs and realising you have to go to work tomorrow.ย 

And repeat! Can anyone else relate to this BTS week? Because ngl this is pretty accurate for us!

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