10 Ways the Queen’s Corgis Have Lived Their Best Lives More Than Us

Happy Bank Holiday from Koi Footwear!

With the Bank Holiday approaching on Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June due to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (70 years on the throne? We have too many commitment issues for that…), we thought we would delve into some Royal-related content.

We don’t know who your favourite member of the Royal Family is – but ours is probably the Corgis. We were pretty surprised to find out that the Queen has now stopped breeding her beloved Corgis, reportedly because she didn’t want to leave any young dog behind – putting an unfortunate end to 14 generations. Thus, she still has some dogs (that she hasn’t bred herself) – a Muick the Corgi and Candy the Dorgi.

It’s a well-known fact that most dogs have an amazing life. They’re cherished from birth because of their cuteness, and are fed, cuddled, bathed, taken on walks…the list goes on. They don’t have jobs or responsibilities, they don’t pay tax, they don’t need a choose an outfit every morning…so they basically live the dream – but they deserve it because of their cute furry faces.

The Queen’s Corgis are on another level. They’ve lived more luxurious lives than most of us – so here are 10 reasons to be jealous of them.



    Imagine having an individually designed menu that has a list each day of what you’re going to eat, alternating every single day and being cooked by professional Michelin star chefs. Well – this is apparently what the Corgis got. Whether it was beef, chicken, lamb or rabbit, the food would be cooked and diced, then poached and diced to make sure the dogs wouldn’t choke.

    Sadly, the menu wasn’t vegan, so we aren’t exactly jealous of that part, but the effort is uber impressive. Her Majesty does not approve of tinned dog food, either and when she found out that their food was frozen once she was NOT happy. What’s wrong with frozen food?! Maybe we need to be cultured…


    According to animal psychologist Roger Mugford, they were served by a butler in silver and porcelain dishes at feeding time. In order of ‘seniority’, they would be sat in a semi-circle around the Queen and fed one by one. I never normally complain about my life as I’m very privileged, but the fact I ate Aldi’s ‘Wheat Bisks’ last night out of a mug really puts things into perspective.


    It has been reported that homeopathic concoctions were put in the Corgi’s personalised meals – this treatment is basically ‘the use of highly diluted substances’ which have been claimed to cause the body to heal itself. That is some Gwyneth Paltrow shiz.


    The Corgis have been known to travel in chauffeured limousines, are escorted onto private jets and helicopters according to royal historian Rafe Heydel-Mankoo. We are LIVING for this – there are literal photos of them being carried out of a private plane. I’ll imagine I’m on a private jet next time I’m on the 142 bus to Piccadilly Gardens.


    Although the Corgis snored too much to sleep in the same room as Liz, this doesn’t mean they didn’t sleep in luxurious conditions. A special room in Buckingham Palace was created for them with separate wicker baskets for each. Don’t worry – they didn’t get cold either because the baskets were raised above the ground to avoid the draughts. Oh, and their bed sheets were also changed daily, which is more often than us NGL. 


    Living with the literal QUEEN is already a flex. They’ve also, of course met most of the rest of the Royal Family, most notably (our faves) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, cuddling at both of their feet. Jealous. At the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, they rolled around on the floor with Daniel Craig. Oh, how we would love the pleasure.


    Royal author Brian Hoey says the cuties were universally loathed for not being fully house trained, so the footmen and housemaids had to go around with soda water and blotting papers because ‘Corgis do whatever Corgis want to do wherever they want to do it’…on priceless furniture. I wasn’t even allowed my shoes on the sofa at my parents’ house. The canines have gotten too big for their paws on multiple occasions – once even putting the Queen in hospital with stitches because she broke up a fight between them. Ouch.


    The queen has owned over 30 Corgis in total – and once had 13 at one time! Imagine literally living your best life with all your brothers and sisters in Buckingham Palace???


    At Christmas, they received stockings which the Queen would fill with treats and non-squeak toys. Lucky pups. We couldn’t find any specific info on what was put in the stocking, but we can only imagine…Once, Meghan Markle bought them a little toy hamster that sings with a little rope – which the Corgis ‘mauled to pieces’. Ruthless, guess it mustn’t have fit their standards.


    From being taken on the Queen’s honeymoon with Prince Phillip in 1947 and being covered with a blanket in a carriage whilst being waved at by crowds, to being jetted on private planes and hand-fed tailored meal plans, these cuties have really lived their best lives over the years. It’s the Corgis’ world, and we’re just living in it.


No matter what your opinion on Queen Liz is, one thing that is for certain is that she sure knows how to pamper a dog and give them the treatment they deserve (and we wish we had for ourselves). We now feel humbled.

If this information has piqued your interest as much as it has ours – Brian Hoey’s book, Not in Front of The Corgis: Secrets Behind the Royal Curtains seems like a scandalous read to find out more.

If you had the time and money, would you treat your pets like this? Or do you think it’s ridiculous?

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