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Spend your nights SCARED with our list of UNDERRATED horror films that will keep you up ALL NIGHT 😳

Convinced he is a vampire sans fangs or any mystical power that allows him to transform into a bat, Martin takes to drugging women and drinking their blood. In a bid for redemption, he turns his attention to criminals, however his plan is soon derailed when he falls for a housewife.

Night Breed
A community of mutant outcasts effort to escape the attention of a psychotic serial killer with the help of a man who discovers them. The movie has reached a new generation of genre lovers who embrace the film as an analogy to the LGBTQ+ community.

Silver Bullet
Film adaptation of Stephen King's novel Cycle of the Werewolf – Corey Haim plays a disabled 11-year-old on a mission to put an end to the unexplained murders that have been going on in his town with a good measure of both 80s camp and chilling thrills.

The Descent
If you don’t like jump scares, are claustrophobic, or scared of creatures lurking in the dark, this film may not be for you. Trapped inside a cave full of murderous humanoid creatures a group of friend’s underwater expedition soon turns into a nightmare.

Two fraternity pledges take off in search of strippers only to happen upon a bloodsucker den. Starring famed singer, songwriter, model come actress, Grace Jones – Vamp offers a refreshing take on the vampire lore in the centre of the 1980’s.

The People Under the Stairs
This oddball horror flick centres around a young boy nicknamed Fool and his scheme to break into a house occupied by a brother and sister and their stolen children. The plot is entirely bizarre and is often claimed to be Cravens strangest film he’s ever made. 


Despite being derivative of many a cult classic with survivors banding together against flesh-eating zombies, this Aussie comedy-horror has quite the unexpected twist venturing off into the genre of science-fiction.

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