If the Spice Girls were Koi Girls
If the Spice Girls were Koi Girls
In the words of the Spice Girls, ‘so tell me what you want, what you really really want’, I want chunky trainers, Spiceworld on repeat and to learn all the dance moves for TikTok. So, we are bringing it back with the 90s aesthetic to bring you our new favourite vegan footwear to spice up your life.
Known as the wildest and outgoing, Scary Spice is the edgiest gal of the group. We’ve opted for these Hologram Flame Boots because they are bound to give you the 90s pop star vibes! Pair them with your favourite mini dress and keep the vibe alive with different textures and colour tones.
You can guarantee that Multicoloured Chunky Trainers will bring back the 90s vibe and you can imagine Sporty Spice will have you covered too! Pair these chunky shoes with a pair of tracksuit bottoms or rock your world with some flares, a bomber jacket and a tank top and you are good to go…
Baby Spice was known for turning her childhood trends into a styled outfit that saw adults wanting to dress like their inner barbie girl. Reach for a 90s slip dress in baby pink and pair them with the Hydra Matrix Platform and some high knee socks for the perfect 90s girly vibe look. 
This feisty redhead was known for her Union Jack patterns and Chelsea boots so obviously you are gonna have to pair your outfit with a pair of Foxxie Red Block Heel boots. To get the perfect Ginger Spice look, finish it off with anything that you can find in your wardrobe which matches the Great Britain flag and you can waltz on to that stage like you rule the world!

Of course, Posh Spice is the one for the everyday girl. Match our Wannabe Platform Heels with a classic LBD and some of your fave jewellery and accessories and all you need to do is call up your mates to say you’ll be there!
Now we’ve got your footwear covered, all that’s left to do is show me how good you are on the dancefloor!
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