It's Awkward Moment Day

It's Awkward Moment Day 

Tripping in public, waving at someone who was not waving at you, going in for a kiss but they want a hug. We have all been there, and today is Awkward Moment Day so to celebrate lets get second hand embarrassment together, because what else is there to do atm?

That awkward moment when you text your friend back “HAHAHAHA OMG actually rolling on the floor laughing.”

Do you think they know you’re not?

That awkward moment when you turn the lights off in the kitchen and you have to run back to your bedroom.

Everyone knows the rules, they can’t get you once you’re in the bedroom! 

That awkward moment when you have to pretend you might buy something just to get the free sample.

We all deserve Oscars for our commitment to the performance. 

That awkward moment when your fave Koi vegan shoes sell out! But don't worry we have loads of trendy statement boots, trainers and sandals.

Come on we had to!

That awkward moment when you’re deep into your ex’s Insta feed and you accidentally like a picture!

*Deletes all of social media and moves to Mexico* 

That awkward moment when you hear a recording of your own voice and feel the need to apologise to every person you have ever met.


That awkward moment when you have to leave the shop without buying anything. 

Make sure you look innocent! 

That awkward moment when you have to walk back after bowling.

Does anyone know what you’re actually supposed to do?  

At the end of the day we are all human and a bunch of weirdos. Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. 

Happy Awkward Moment Day!! 



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