Feeling confident and bubbly? The life of the party some may say!
If you are feeling more daring and FABULOUS then it may be because LEO SZN is upon us!


For our SAVAGE Leo's, we have a Tiger King-esque shoe just FOR U!
Our Savage Heart Leopard Platform Shoes are perfect for outrunning any Carol Baskins 😂

For that FIERY Leo energy, feel the heat with our Ebo Flame Sandals 🔥
Like Madonna says, who doesn't like POWER?

Fashion first 😎 Leos are one of the more fashionable star signs!
Style OUT with our Cray Cray Chunky Trainers 🤪

Leos = LOVE 💛 Feel all the feels and floral love with our
Iris Floral Military Boots 💐

Leos are passionate, funny, fashionable and the WORLD would not be the same without them 🌎🧡


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