#KOIKARES - Deans Farm Trust

#KOIKARES - Deans Farm Trust

🐮 M00 🐮
Here at Koi Footwear, we don't just make c00L shoes, we actually want to help out! 🌎⁠
We're proud to be 100% vegan and are on a constant mission to become a more sustainable and generally kinder company - because we care 💟⁠
That's why we've teamed up with Deans Farm Trust to donate a percentage of all profits made from our 'Nettie' and 'Bessie' Cow Print Mary Janes to help their C0WS 🐄 

Deans Farm Trust is a charity with an animal sanctuary full of rescued animals that are given a home FOR LIFE 💖
Their cows are now FULLY GROWN!

This is their first winter (as big boiz) and we want to supply the cows with everything they will need.

 A percentage of all profits from the Nettie and Bessie Cow Print Mary Janes will help get our cows all the things they have ever wanted 🤩

Shop to Help Out 🛒

Nettie Cow Print Mary Janes
Bessie Pink Cow Print Mary Janes

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