ROOM RAVE READY: The Strident Collection

ROOM RAVE READY: The Strident Collection

Can't go out to your favourite rave because of quarantine? 
Well, bring the rave indoors with our ROOM RAVE Collection!
We put together a starter kit so you can plan the SICKEST bedroom rave there has EVER BEEN 🤩

Start out with some party lights to get that party atmosphere going, you can even crack a few glow sticks and turn the lights out! A tinsel curtain can turn your room from boring to DISCO in 2 seconds! Add some face gems and glitter makeup to match our STRIDENT Shoes and DONE! 🤪😎

Strident Green Sandals

Strident Multi Sandals

Strident Orange Sandals

These ACID colours are enough for you to recreate your very own TRIPPY experience in your bedroom 😜
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