The Vegan Fashion Revolution

The Vegan Fashion Revolution

At Koi we're on a mission to change the fashion industry, giving footwear fans the chance to purchase vegan footwear that is stylish, affordable and yeah, totally crazy! Pushing the creative curve with our mad designs, we are a part of the vegan fashion revolution. Creating vegan footwear for all. Since veganism is changing the face of so many industries, including the fashion industry, here’s everything you should know about vegan fashion and more specifically vegan footwear. 

Sustainable Fashion - Why It Is Time For Change 

Only in the last decade or so have we seen the rise of vegan fashion and sustainability becoming increasingly important to fashion consumers. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian yourself you may have found it quite difficult to discover brands that were offering the vegan alternatives you were looking for. The use of animal products within the fashion industry contributes to animals being exploited as well as huge amounts of waste and global warming. So, while other fashion lovers continue to swoon over leather and fur, you’re a real-one, a true game changer! Welcome to the #KOIGANG! 

 Switching to Vegan Fashion 

Making the switch to vegan fashion doesn't have to be hard. In fact, a wide number of brands, both big and small have introduced vegan alternatives into their collections. As veganism takes a hold, whether you have made this lifestyle change or not, you may be interested in moving away from wearing leather products, fur, wool, angora, and other animal derived fashion products, all in the name of improving animal welfare. 

Vegan footwear in particular, includes making use of vegan-friendly materials which are ethically sourced and move away from the traditional use of leather and other animal products. 

Vegan Footwear from Koi 

Don’t compromise on style, flair and originality. The team behind the madness at Koi are responsible for keeping you looking fresh, on trend and as cool as you can possibly be, all while wearing vegan shoes. Did you know that our vegan footwear is approved by animal rights organisation - PETA? Yep, we are official. Constantly ensuring we meet the standards for supplying vegan-friendly footwear and making certain our factories comply with our company standards. The goal is simple, we want tomake vegan footwear as accessible, as stylish and as fun as can be. Ready to make a change? Join us on this journey - the vegan fashion revolution. Check out our latest collections for all the fun and craziness we have available online today. 

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