Things that are so Cheugy (Millenial)

Things that are so Cheugy (Millenial)

We have been working hard on expanding our vocabulary, and we recently learned what the world cheugy means! So just like everyone else on the internet we had to compiled a list of things we think scream cheugy. 

Let's begin by saying we don't want anyone to be offended by our list. We have all fallen victim to the cheug!

1. Pinterest

Just cheugy!


2. Ballerina flats

Extra cheugy

Darby Ballet Flat Soludos

3. Ugg boots 

100 extra cheugy points if you had these 

9 Cheugy Fashion Trends You've Probably Tried - What is Cheugy TikTok Gen-Z Ugg  Boots

4. Friends 

Sorry but it's cheugy

Friends (TV Series 1994–2004) - IMDb

5. Anything made by Buzzfeed. 

Radiates cheugy energy 

BuzzFeed to lay off 200 staff in latest round of cuts | BuzzFeed | The  Guardian

6. Jackly Hill

Queen cheug 

Burgundy Jaclyn Hill Red Hair -

7. Cupcakes


Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe - How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes

8. Marble and rose gold

Super cheugy

Marble MacBook Hard Case (White x Gold) for MacBook Pro - Air - Pro -  Retina 11" / 13" /15" Laptops (Ma… | Macbook hard case,  Marble macbook, Macbook

9. Coffee table books and stacks of magazines 

Lots of cheugy energy here 

The Best Design Books for Your Coffee Table - Love Happens Magazine

10. Eos lipbalm

The cheugy lip balm of choice 

EOS Lip Balm Being Sued | Allure

11. Gucci belt 


Farrah Real Leather Gucci Inspired Belt - Black – Style Of Beyond

12. Girl boss energy 

Exudes cheugy vibes 

Girl boss mug rose gold boss lady mug best friend gift idea | Etsy

13. Side partings 


Are You Parting Your Hair the Wrong Way? | Allure

14. Moustache Shit 

Ultimate cheug

3D Printed Moustache necklace by LordTailor | Pinshape

15. Doormats 

Just seems kinda cheugy

30 Funny Doormats To Give Your Guests A Humorous Welcome | Take off your  shoes, Door mat, Shoes off sign

16. Latte art 

Cheugy vibes 

Does Latte Art Make Your Coffee Better – Or Worse? - Perfect Daily Grind

17. Michael Kors 

The cheugy king

18. Lots and lots of concealer and contour 

Cheugy, cheugy, cheugy 

Bronde, strobing, baking and clown-contouring: are they really new? | So  Many Lovely Things

Does anyone else feel personally attacked by this list? And are we actually a little cheugy for making this list? 

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