Veganism Isn't Just For Veganuary

Veganism Isn't Just For Veganuary

We are now in the 800th week of January and you think you know your veganism having almost successfully completed Veganuary! And good for you bestie! But we are here to tell you being vegan is not just a trend for January but an important lifestyle change that is saving the planet! 

But before we jump into all of that vegan goodness I wanted to explore why our team are vegan and why this lifestyle is important to them because it may inspire you too.

“I don’t like the idea of eating a corpse. I am not a baby cow or chicken so I don’t like it.” Khloe, Graphic Designer 

“Cuz I love animals.” Heidi, Wholesale Operations Executive 

"I like animal and I also wanted to discover different foods." Taren, Office Manager 

 "When I was 12 I went to Spain and ate chicken salad for a week. Then I thought this is really bad and bought loads of Quorn stuff and that’s pretty much it." Bethan, Creative Lead 

10 Tips To Take On The Vegan Superhero Lifestyle And How To Stick With it

1. Never beat yourself up if you have a little slip! A diet and lifestyle change can be really difficult so make sure to be kind to yourself and the main thing is you are trying!

2. Write down the reasons you want to be vegan and whenever you feel unmotivated or like you want to give up you can look back at your reasons. 

3. Get creative and make a recipe book full of all your fave vegan meals. Then if you are ever stuck on what to eat you can get that bad boi out! 

4. Stock up on those vegan pantry essentials! Our team recommends nutritional yeast, soy sauce or tamari, maple syrup and a good varied collection of herbs and spices to make things taste excellent! 

5. Make a list of all the awesome vegan restaurants you want to try! Our personal favourite in Manchester is V-Rev! 

6. Being vegan really does mean you're better than everyone else ;)

In the month you were vegan you saved:

  • 33,000 gallons of water
  • 1,200lbs of grain
  • 90 square feet of forest
  • 600lbs of CO2
  • The lives of 30 innocent animals

But all joking aside it really is all about the small changes we make to be better to ourselves and our planet. We are all in this together! 

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