What Koi HQ Will Be Doing Come May 17th

What Koi HQ Will Be Doing Come May 17th

Picture me this, it's May 17th, it's sunny, and the drinks are flowing, obviously! And we are here to get you all kinds of excited for next week. We caught up with Koi HQ to find out what they have planned! It's safe to say they are going to have a wild time. 

Khloe Valentine - Graphic Designer 

'Ill be teaching skate lessons and having a fat scran! I haven't been able to teach my mates to skate in ages so it's gunna be a pretty good time.' 

And the shoes she will be wearing to skate?

'I like to sake in Rimo. The soles are good and they look sick mate'  

Lauren King - Buying Manager 

'I have been waiting absolutely ages for this! I'm going to eat at Tycoon in Spinningfields and I can't bloody wait! It's actually really decent food there so I am dead excited! ' 

And the shoes she will be wearing to eat out?

'Gotta be Spector, they are my all time favourite'  


Deanna Cartmell -  PR And Marketing Assistant 

'Alright so come May 17th you'll deffo find me at the pub all day having a bottle of Red Stripe. No more drinking in the rain!'  

And the shoes she will be wearing to the pub?

'I will be wearing Desolation I love those boots!' 

Hannah McHugh - Online Merchandiser 

'I wanna do something really fun! And for ages I have wanted to have a giant picnic with all my friends. So that's what I've planned and I can't wait!'

And the shoes she will be wearing to this giant picnic?

'I think I'll wanna be comfy so you'll find me in my Lizzies V2.'


Plyska Genova - Marketing Manager 

'I'm getting all dressed up with somewhere to go! Finally! I will be going for a date night at The Ivy! And I can confirm I will be eating my sushi inside without a side of rain. The last time I went out to eat I got very wet and very sick the next day too.' 

And the shoes she will be wearing on date night?

'I want to wear a heeled boot so Arnor is the one they always make me feel glam.' 

Daisy Howard - Graphic Designer 

'I'll be getting ripped so you'll find me at the gym joining some classes.' 

And the shoes she will be wearing to the gym?

'The Lizzies V2 they are a great gym shoe!'

We hope our Koi HQ May 17th update has inspired you! We are totally buzzin' to go out out and slowy start to feel a little more normal again. Where are you going on May 17th bestie? 


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