Men's Footwear (23 styles)

Here we present you with our men's footwear collection. The Koi Footwear men's shoe line was long-awaited and we are constantly working to prove to you that vegan shoes and boots can be edgy, cool and trendy - guilt-free. Our range for men includes vegan boots, vegan trainers and other vegan shoes to blow you away. We have classic versatile wardrobe staples including loafers and shoes on the tamer side. On the other hand, our more daring designs feature chains, spikes, hair and even a scythe to help you explore your adventurous side. Wear what you want, we're not stopping fact, we're encouraging you. With vegan loafers, biker boots, trainers and more - there's something for everyone. Koi is your new go-to, so check out the men's collection.