We stand in solidarity with everyone fighting for equality and against the historic oppression of all BLACK lives!
What happened to George Floyd is NOT okay, what has happened to countless other innocent Black lives it NOT okay,
and we stand with all their families and all those affected.

Fuck Derek Chauvin who needs to be punished for the murder of George Floyd
and for the other police officers that did nothing to stop this!

We stand with the families of Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor and countless others who have been murdered so unfairly.
We have to make sure this DOES NOT HAPPEN AGAIN!

We understand we have a platform, and we need to use this platform for good, and to evoke change together.

How WE Can Make a Change!

DM us on IG with how we can support you during this time.

Are you protesting, do you need masks?

Send us petitions, forms and charities we can share.