We are the cool vegan unisex footwear brand you’ve been looking for. We're that friend that hypes you up and tells you can wear whatever the fuck you want. It's YOUR life, and you are 100% the main character, you might as well dress like it.


Creative freedom is all we know here at Koi. Whether it’s by launching our Away With the Fairies, a comic inspired photoshoot (and shoes) or releasing boots with baby doll arms or legs, we’re always aiming to push the creative curve. And yeah, we do totally sell beanz.


We also lead with compassion, because being kind is cool. We’re proud to be 100% vegan and are on a constant mission to be come a more sustainable and generally kinder company - because we do actually care.


Get to know the faces behind the madness. Scroll through to meet the team.


(aka bean god)


(aka bean god)

Born in 92.. R kid from Manchester.

There is something comforting about the creative process, having the freedom to create is what makes me feel alive, it’s something I’ve engrossed entirely. it’s not a ‘happy’ feeling, the things I create doesn’t come from a happy place, more so, a dark, unruly, vivid and f’d up place, there is solace here. This is my way of feeling fulfilled.. I don’t see the point in doing anything that doesn’t create an emotion.


It's the confidence they make you feel, the happiness they bring you, the feeling you get when you see them, the emotions they stir, that’s what it’s all about, if you feel good wearing Koi, and it makes your day just that bit better, or you just see them and visually they make you feel something intense, then my goal is achieved.


Day to day therefore feels like an intense ongoing battle, each day filled with an extreme focus and need to perform, with no clear definition of ‘victory’.


Koi is a brand run by myself, we have some of the best creatives around who all work relentlessly in the pursuit of creating something special. When you’re experiencing Koi, you’re absorbing the countless hours and energy we all put into the brand, this is the positive energy we are passing on to you, so you may ask the question what happens when you put some of the best creatives in a room and ask them to focus on creating something special, well you get Koi.


What can you expect? For us to keep pushing the boundaries of what shoes can look like, and continue to embolden the meaning of Koi, we want to treat purveyors of the brand as an extended family, and bring you closer to who we are, and what we do, and share in the stories and things we create, the positivity we feel working here, we want you to feel that too, and underpinning all this will always be our strong foundational line of affordable, everyday vegan footwear.

More About Me

My dad used to manufacture shoes in the 80’s here in Manchester, so as a kid I’ve always been around shoes and naturally had an inkling towards them. I understood early on the intricacies around footwear and what went into creating them. Growing up I just saw a relentless work ethic from my dad which I adopted when I started the brand, I have done nearly every job in the industry, from the early days of picking, packing orders, taking in deliveries, organising returns, customer services etc. So the engine of Koi started with my bare hands, thinking back to those moments is kind of surreal.


Outside of the brand, things are relatively quiet, if Koi does become a ‘hit’ I would like to create a Hamster mega city called Goober Land, a gigantic enclosure and theme park for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals. I have always been friends with hamsters so I would like to create this for them. You will all be invited.


Other than that I like old Nokias (I collect retro phones), old Cartoon Network shows (Samurai Jack was the shi*!) birds (specifically pigeons), classic cars (JDM), anything 90’s or 00’s, anything artsy, and just weird shi*, and people who are just mad f***ers really.